Dark, indulgent little treats, named after the reaction I get from everyone trying them out!

(Dairy, gluten,grain & processed sugar free & probiotic)

Makes approx 70 x 10g pieces


200g Medjool Dates (weighed pitted)

300g Ground Almonds

150g Cocoa or Raw Cacoa Powder

50g Maple Syrup/runny honey or similar

50g Live Natural Coconut Yoghurt (CoYo) or use thick cow’s if OK wirh dairy

Pinch Flaked Sea or Himalayan Salt

Splash Non dairy mylk or water


Line a tin or dish (14 x 20cm) with parchment paper/non BPA cling film

Process dates in a food processor until a paste.

Add other ingredients except the milk/water & combine to a very thisk paste.

Only if needed, add a splash of water/mylk to bring together.

Spread out in the tray/dish & cover lightly with paper.

Put in fridge for at least 1 hour to set.

Remove from fridge & lift out onto a board, still on the paper.

Cut into pieces about 2-2.5cm cubed.

Place in a covered container & keep in the fridge until you feel the need for a little chocolate hit.

Great served with fresh berries, a quality coffee or just on it’s own!!