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Below you will find more information about the therapies available in Newark, Bingham & Mobile. Please get in touch if you have any questions or you would like to book an appointment.

Do you need help with: energy levels, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, stress, poor digestion, bloating, abdominal discomfort, skin problems or joint pain? 


Changes to your food choices, improving your digestion, supporting your natural detoxification systems & looking at your lifestyle could really make a difference to your health & well-being. 

Following Nutritional Therapy advice could result in better sleep quality, increased energy levels, more balanced hormones, less stress & anxiety issues, improved digestion & decreased bloating or positive changes to your skin & joint mobility.

A consultation involves a full health questionnaire, food diary & answering specific questions, including how you want to feel & improvements you would like to see. Additional specific tests may be identified during the initial session, which may assist in the best therapeutic path to be recommended. Every client is an individual.

Nutrition Consultations are available at Newark or can be arranged for Skype. Full consultation with weekly updates plus 2 follow ups over a 3 month period to take you forward from where you are now towards improved health & well-being, at your pace!

Please contact me for a FREE 20 min chat to find out if this therapy would be helpful for you or for more information.

Not sure if you need a FULL consultation? Give me a call.

I also have the DIET MOT service, which gives you a clear 10 Point Action Plan to follow over 2 months, with 2 further accountability calls. This is a handy service done by email/phone or in person for anyone who feels they might only need to make a few small adjustments to their diet or lifestyle or not able to undertake a full, even staged, change but still wish to receive professional guidance.

“I never realised how low my energy levels were before I started making changes to my diet. The extra I have now enables me to really live life with my family again. Thanks.” DN (Nutrition Client).

At last, my bloating and digestive problems are under control. I know what I can eat and what might set it off again. What a relief, for everyone else too.” TH (Nutrition Client)

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Do you need help with:


Headaches, migraines, muscle & back pain? Abdominal discomfort/constipation, water retention & poor circulation? Pain & stiffness caused by injury or training? Fatigue & lethargy, poor energy levels, chronic fatigue? High blood pressure, anxiety & stress, poor sleep?


Choose from Energising, Structural, Detoxing, Connecting, Relaxing , Nurturing, Deep Tissue, Toning or combine for your very own needs. The depth and speed of the treatment will be individual, to aid the positive outcomes chosen by you, as the client, at the consultation stage.

Massage may relax muscles and increase nutrient supplies to the tissues, promoting soft tissue and muscle health whilst aiding toxin release. The nervous system is also stimulated, soothing the nerves, promoting both physical and emotional health.

I use certified organic, blended massage oils to aid circulation and movement but treatments may be done clothed & without oil, if preferred.  Massage sessions last 1 hour at Newark or Bingham. Mobile treatments may be available, please contact me to discuss.

“Never having had a massage before I was a little anxious but Sue put me quickly at ease and what a wonderful experience it was. I shall be back for more”. JS   Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Do you need help with excessive or compacted ear wax? Irritation in sinuses or ears & hayfever? Headaches or migraines? Noises/ringing caused by tinnitus? Poor sense of smell? Ear/sinus pressure issues post colds/flu or air travel? Relaxation?

Devised by Ancient Greeks, the Native American Hopi (“peaceful people”) Indians of North Arizona continue the use of herbal candling today to purify, cleanse & promote healing.

Hopi ear candles are hollow tubes of linen, impregnated with beeswax, honey & herb extracts. The treatment is not suitable if you are vegan or have any allergies to these. Burning the candle may create a very gentle vibration, which may help equalise the pressures either side of the eardrum. The mild warmth produced may soften earwax, allowing micro-hair movement and promote natural cleansing secretions within the ear canal.


You may experience a deep sense of relaxation and calm as well as reduction in some of your symptoms. Further treatments may be recommended and will be discussed with you.

A hopi treatment will last 30-45 minutes at Newark or Bingham. This is available as a mobile therapy but please contact me to discuss.

“A most friendly and relaxing experience. Well worth repeating”. ME | Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Consider Reiki for relief of stress, aiding relaxation, boosting immune support, reducing aches & pains, re-balancing body systems, promoting well-being, positivity & grounding.

It is thought that harmony and balance can be achieved through balancing or unblocking Chakra, using a number of techniques, including Reiki.


In the west, Reiki (‘ray –key’) has become known as the word describing the Usui system of natural healing. This is a gentle but powerful treatment, which does not purport to replace conventional medicine but may complement it.

Seven Major Chakras are used during Reiki. When all Chakras are working in harmony, there is a state of balance in physical, emotional and mental well-being. If Chakra become unbalanced; blocked; change speed or direction, perhaps as a consequence of the stresses and strains we encounter in daily living, then we may present real physical, emotional or mental symptoms of ill health.

Your Reiki treatment will involve healing energy being channelled towards each of your major Chakra for a few minutes, to enable rebalancing. This is supported by placement of semi-precious crystals, if indicated.

A Reiki session lasts 45-50 mins at Newark or Bingham. Taster sessions can be arranged so please get in touch.

Reiki training is now available at Bingham so please get in touch to discuss how you could start your journey of Reiki healing for yourself & family members. Next Reiki 1st Degree (1st Level) will be on 18th Feb 2018.

“Calm working, ensured maximum relaxation.” CF | Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Massage for me is not a luxury or a pamper. It is more about me looking after myself like a good diet and regular exercise.


Massage client

A very relaxing experience (Hopi Ear Candling) & really helpful for my hayfever & sinus symptoms.


Hopi Ear Candling client

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