Want a really easy, tasty, healthy soup, which you could serve to family, friends and happily adapt to your own taste? This is for you!

The Ingredients | To make 500ml (4 servings) but it never matters if you have more! Remember it this is not a chemistry lesson so if you don’t weigh things, it won’t really matter.

Note: 1/2 cans are used, you may want to up the other ingredients & then freeze the excess soup for another day.

Make it not spicy (& perhaps more family friendly) by NOT adding the Thai spice paste or increase the heat by adding more! You get to choose.

100g              Onions, (2 medium) chopped
25g                Celery (1 stick), chopped
150g              Butternut Squash (1/2), peeled, chopped
50g                Carrots (1 large or 2 medium), chopped
1dsp              Vegetable (rapeseed or coconut) Oil
2tsp               Thai Curry Spice Paste
200ml            Coconut Milk (½ can)
250ml            Vegetable Stock, made up from a cube or powder
200g              Cooked Butterbeans (½ can) or chickpeas

To serve | Chopped Fresh Coriander (optional – could use parsley) & Coconut milk/cream or natural yoghurt to swirl!

Method |

Sauté the vegetables in the oil until onions soften.

Add the spice paste & cook for a further 5 mins.

Add all the other ingredients & bring to a gentle boil.

Simmer, covered, until the vegetables are all softened.

Allow to cool slightly, blend until smooth, check seasoning, thin if needed with water.

Re-heat to serving temperature

Serve | Pretty it up with sprinkle of coriander & some more coconut milk/cream or natural yoghurt.

Variations | It is possible to make this soup using sweet potatoes or pumpkin as alternatives to squash.
Cannellini/Haricot Beans could be used as alternatives to butterbeans. I have even used a can of baked beans when I was caught short of others.

You could use chicken stock, if you don’t want/need this to be vegetarian & even add cooked chicken to the final soup, before blitzing!

NOTE | If you soak, cook & store dried beans in your freezer, this is an excellent way of saving money too.

Storage | Allow to cool & store in a lidded container in the fridge for 2 days max. re-heat before serving. Soup will also keep in a freezer container, for 2 months in your freezer but mark the container as to what is in it first!! Defrost & heat thoroughly.

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