Worried about health issues such as heart disease, bowel disorders & cancers, Type 2 diabetes, bad cholesterol, gallstones, piles, diarrhoea or even, constipation?

Feed your gut and friendly digestive bacteria with a good level and range of varying vegetable fibre and they will reward you with improved health & feeling of well-being.

In the 1960’s, when processed/frozen foods & ready meals had been on the market for about a decade, some helpful Doctors discovered that the rate of certain ailments was increasing. See list above.


The processing of the whole foods, to make convenience products was removing a lot of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein & fats) AND the natural fibre content. When wholegrain wheat is processed to make flour for white or brown bread, the wheat germ & bran (fibre) are removed. This increases the shelf life of the flour because there are very few nutrients left to ‘go off’. Also, when sugar beet or sugar cane is processed to extract sugar, the molasses & minerals are extracted as well as the fibrous parts of the plants.

Roughage or non-starch polysaccharides | These are so called because it is very difficult for humans to digest them on their own. We all rely on the helpful bacteria in our guts to do this job, releasing nutrients & making a fabulous environment for healthy gut cells to thrive. Without fibre, these helpful bacteria reduce in number and may be overtaken by bacteria which may promote inflammation and lead to gut disease.

The speed of waste movement through the digestive system can also slow right down, leaving solid waste in the bowel for longer periods and it can become dehydrated – leading to constipation or bullet-style poo!!

Ensure you have a healthier bowel | Get to have lots of helpful bacteria in your gut by including a good amount & range of fibre containing foods in your diet, daily & not just wholewheat products.

My top fibre foods are | vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, avocado & whole grains including wheat (if tolerated), quinoa, buckwheat, rye & oats (not instant oats as these are too processed!)

Look after your gut & it will look after you!!

If you would like to find out more about improving your fibre intake or anything else diet related to your health, please get in touch.