With no added sugar, lots of fibre, protein & healthy fats these really are healthy treats to keep in the fridge or pop in your lunch box.

Ingredients (makes approx 36 at 10g or less if bigger!):

200g Dried Pitted Dates (roughly chopped)

100g Ground Almonds

40g Raw Coconut Oil (melted but not hot) – may not need all

20g Raw Cacoa Powder


Put the dates in a food processor & blitz until either a paste or very fine powder (this will depend on the dryness of the dates).

Add the almonds & cacoa powder & mix well.

Add the melted coconut oil, a little at a time.

NOTE: You may not need all of it if the mixture starts to comes together (usually if dates are softer).

Take a good teaspoon of the mixture (10g) & applying slight pressure, form into a little ball.

Place in petit four/mini muffin papers & on a tray. 

Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours then transfer to a sealed containe.

Will last for up to 3 weeks, if you can resist them!


Add more cacoa or cocoa powder for a more chocolately flavour.

Roll the little balls in desiccated coconut or cacoa powder for a ‘truffle’ effect.

Add other nuts to the mixture but reduce the almond quantity to compensate. Hazelnuts (ground) taste amazing!

Add vanilla extract to boost the choc flavour.

Add some ground ginger or crushed chilli flakes for a bit of heat

Add freeze-dried raspberry ‘bits’ for a fruity bite.

If you wish to have bigger snacks you will need to add more pressure & press into a muffin case, in a tin or lined ice-cube tray.

If you don’t want the coconut taste, use odourless coconut oil vs Raw but it needs to be solid at room temperature!