Decided to do a Detox in January?
Maybe a New Year’s Resolution giving up wine, coffee or late nights?
Plan to drink more water & eat more veg?
Intending to get more exercise & join a class or gym?

You don’t have to do it alone!

Want some moral support?

Come along to the Detox Booster Group and learn more about how your body should manage all those processes, naturally, that the Detox disbelievers say we don’t need to detox because….

Also, find out simple, easy & cheap ways of boosting your natural Detox ability & enhance your efforts through January.
You could then see better results for your efforts.

Tuesdays in Jan 2018

9th (Focus on Digestion)

16th (Focus on Liver support),

23rd (Focus on Kidneys & Lung function)

30th (Focus on Skin & how it helps us to detox) 

all at 9.30 -10.30 am @ Folks & Fables, Bingham

If you come to all 4 weeks, you will receive a special Detox Booster gift.
If you cannot attend, please get in touch to get the on-line/email/FB discounted version.

Are you in?

Call Sue on 07766 592025 to book/pay for your place or email:
£10/session inc drink voucher.”