On a Stay-cation this year? So many great opportunities are available for you & yours to truly enjoy your holidays together. Here are some really easy and cheap to-do ideas.

Get out of the kitchen | The whole family can help prepare food so you are not stuck in the kitchen, especially for BBQ’s. Healthy recipes are often very simple to make, without lots of fuss.

Have lots of time & fun outdoors| Go to the park & find the swings! Take the dog out & throw the ball or stick for a while.

Make food FUN | Grow some salad stuff with the kids, in pots on the windowsill indoors or outdoors. Remember growing cress on a face cloth?

Smile if it rains | Have an indoor picnic. Spread out a sheet in the lounge & let your hair down. Put on your wellies & get out in the puddles, get muddy – be a big kid again!

Be Present | Switch off your TV, phone & tablet & really engage with your family in whatever activity they choose, before they grow up!!

Get Grounded | Go barefoot on clean grassy or paved areas (not tarmac, laminate, decking or carpets!) or paddle in a stream, the sea or natural pond.

Enjoy Nature | Walk outside, in the fresh air & daylight. Have a nature treasure hunt, play hide & seek or just enjoy the clouds, sunshine and sunsets!

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