No-one wants to be poorly on holiday so why not pack some of these handy tips & have a fabulous break

Eat Smart | Choose lighter & fresher meals in warmer weather
Eat Fresh | Eat lots of salads, fresh, seasonal fruits & vegetables but ensure you wash them in lots of fresh or bottled water. Avoid the heavy, calorie-laden processed/bottled dressings & ketchups, which have sugar or sweeteners in & go for simple lemon juice & olive oil
Be Vigilant | Avoid salad or food items on buffets which are re-presented under the guise of a mayonnaise or sauce!
Be Fussy | If possible get food cooked where you can see it being prepared (on a grill etc). You may be able to see how clean the process/staff are!
Try New Stuff | Experiment with different combinations & eat local foods to make healthy & colourful salads.
Be Less Sweet | Avoid sugar in its many forms (fruit, juices, soft drinks, cocktails etc) as these may boost energy levels initially but tend to lead to bigger sleepy slumps & cravings later.
Rehydrate Lots| Drink lots of fresh filtered or bottled water with a slice of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, fresh mint or root ginger in. Make up herbal/fruit teas x3 strength & chill.
Booze Less | Alcohol before/during your flight reduces your body’s ability to cope with the dry flight cabin & heat when you get to your destination. Remember you may be driving a hire car at your holiday airport!
Gen-Up on Protein | Eat a good amount of protein each day from lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, nuts & seeds. They will keep you full & help slow energy release for long active days.
Snack Savvy | Take snacks of fresh fruit & nuts out with you if you are taking a day at the beach. There are only so many BBQ’d prawns a girl can eat?!
Timing is Vital | Try not to eat too much in the scorching heat of the day but wait until later when it is generally cooler. You can then relax, stay up later & digest it properly.
Extra Tip | I would recommend taking a beneficial bacterial supplement such as Bio-Kult, Optibac or Just for Tummies, which don’t need refrigeration and/or partake of local variants of fermented & cultured foods such as yoghurt, kefir & sauerkraut/kimchi. You could book onto my Workshop to learn how to make these.

Cheers & Happy Healthy Holidays

Sue McFarlane©

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