By including foods which are the colours of the rainbow, you can be assured of getting a wider variety of healthy nutrients to support your health.

Who remembers the pnemonic “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”?

Here are some more, really easy & simple ideas to get your 7-a-day fruit or veg target, as well as eating a rainbow?

I would choose from fabulously fresh foods such as: Yellow Pepper, Sweetcorn, Yellow Courgette, Honeydew Melon, Lemon, Grapefruit, Pineapple & Peach

These are rich in plant chemicals called carotenes & lutein which are powerful antioxidants* and give yellow fruit & vegetables their distinct colour.

Call Me Mellow | Start the day with slices of ripe melon, pineapple or peach along with some bio-active, natural yoghurt for a clean fresh breakfast.

Pineapple Grill | Drizzle some slices of pineapple with honey or maple syrup & a pinch of ground chilli. Grill or roast until golden & serve with roasted chicken, ham, fish or top off beany burgers. Also, could sue served with generous portions of natural yoghurt & a squeeze of fresh lime for a dessert.

Yellow Courgetti | Spiralise or use a veg peeler to make ribbons of yellow courgette. Thinly slice some yellow pepper. Warm some olive oil & garlic in a pan, cook the veg until just softening, then stir through some chopped flaked almonds, some fresh parsley & crème fraiche or light cream. Season well & serve.

Punchy Cocktail | Blitz together some pineapple & peach with some fresh lemon juice & sparkling water. Add ice cubes & a slice of cucumber for a refreshing, alcohol free drink.

Zesty Breakfast | Mix together some grapefruit & orange segments with some fresh lemon / lime juice, fresh mint leaves & serve over pancakes or yogurt for a fresh start to the day.

*Antioxidants are needed for health & well-being because they are involved in mopping up free oxidative radicals (damaging to the body’s membranes & cells, causing ageing). These are formed naturally through metabolism, which produces energy from the food we eat for our bodies to function but also from environmental sources such as pollution, medication, smoke and alcohol.

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