By including foods in your diet which cover the colours of the rainbow , you can be assured of getting a wider variety of healthy nutrients to support your health.

Who remembers the mnemonic “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”?

In this series of blog posts, I’ll be helping you ‘eat the rainbow’ and giving you some ideas to get your 7-a-day fruit & veg target.

These are all rich in plant chemicals called carotenes or antioxidants, which vary in colour but give orange fruit & vegetables their colour. Antioxidants are needed for health & well-being because they are involved in mopping up free oxidative radicals (damaging to the body’s membranes & cells, causing ageing).
These free radicals are formed naturally through metabolism, which produces energy from the food we eat for our bodies to function but also from environmental sources such as pollution, medications, smoke and alcohol.

Choose Fresh | My Favourites are Carrots, Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Swede, Sweet Potato, Orange Pepper, Cantaloupe Melon, Oranges, Nectarines, Mango & Papaya

Oh Orangetti! | Take a good vegetable peeler, mandolin or spiralizer to some carrots, peeled squash/pumpkin or cut a pepper finely to get some thin strips. Steam & serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

Let’s Get Ready | Marinate some mango, nectarine or papaya slices in some orange juice. Serve chilled with fresh mint leaves as a refreshing dessert.

Sweet but Veggie | Grate some carrot, sweet potato or butternut squash into your usual cake/muffin batter (reduce liquid content slightly) to add colour & fabulously healthy nutrients!

Be Grateful | Finely grate some carrot along with thinly sliced orange pepper, melon & natural cream cheese. Mix & stuff inside air-dried ham, smoked salmon or courgette slices, to make a colourful starter or canapé.

Healthier Rösti | Grate pumpkin, sweet potato or squash. Sprinkle with salt & leave in a sieve so it loses some of its water. Squeeze out & add an egg & some plain or chickpea flour, season well & make into little patties in an oiled fry pan or on a lined oven tray. Cook until golden brown & serve as a snack or side.

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