By including foods in your diet which cover the colours of the rainbow , you can be assured of getting a wider variety of healthy nutrients to support your health.

Who remembers the mnemonic “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”? In this series of blog posts, I’ll be helping you ‘eat the rainbow’ and giving you some ideas to get your 7-a-day fruit & veg target.

Choose fresh | My favourites are Cranberries, Cherries, Red Grapes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Water Melon, Pomegranate,Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Red Cabbage, Radish, Chillies & Red Onion.

These are all rich in plant chemicals called anthocyanins or antioxidants, which vary in colour but give red fruit & vegetables their colour. Antioxidants are needed for health & well-being because they are involved in mopping up free oxidative radicals (damaging to the body’s membranes & cells, causing ageing).

These free radicals are formed naturally through metabolism, which produces energy from the food we eat for our bodies to function but also from environmental sources such as pollution, medicatons, smoke and alcohol.

Mix ’em up | Make a colourful salad including lots of these different red fruits & vegetables mixed with fresh leaves & a simple, tangy salad dressing (lemon juice & olive oil – just mixed!)

Start your day right |  Add some berries to your daily breakfast bowl of porridge or even pancakes!

Make it sweet | A  fresh dessert of some natural, live yoghurt & a selection of juicy berries or sliced fruits. You could add a drizzle of honey/maple syrup and few flaked almonds too, for crunch.

Roast ’em | Mix together tomatoes, red pepper, radish & some sweet potato or butternut squash, swish on some fabulous olive or coconut oil, season & roast for 30 mins or so for a tasty & healthy side dish to fish, meat, poultry or veggie mains.

Pack ’em up | Make a snack box with lots of these red fruits & veg to take to work instead of a mid afternoon sweetened snack.

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