Nutritional Therapy

Why is nutrition important?
Our supply of life giving nutrients is mainly through the foods & drinks that we chose. Some people want to check they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others feel that changes in their food choices might help with their health concerns. Our bodies may fight chronic diseases and combat infections more effectively if sufficient nutrients are available. By reducing additional toxin loads on our tissues & organs, it may be possible to support our body in its own healing process.

How could this help you?
Improved quality of food choices, digestive process and nutrient absorption may support the body systems in the case of many chronic diseases and common health complaints including:

• Allergies, hayfever & asthma
• Acne, eczema & skin problems
• Digestive issues, IBS & bowel disease
• Candida & Flatulence
• Hyperactivity & lethargy
• Depression & poor sleep quality
• Premenstrual Syndrome & Fertility problems
• Menopausal & hormonal symptoms
• Arthritis & joint pain
• Chronic fatigue & Stress
• Weight control problems

If you have a particular health concern, even if it is not included in the short list above, contact me to discuss how Nutritional Therapy might help you.

nutritional1Why should you consider changing your diet?
Your natural source of vital nutrients is through your choice of food and drink. It is essential that optimum levels of vitamins and minerals are taken in and that any potential toxin source is avoided. Your current diet may not be balanced in line with your current health status.  Nutritional Therapy does not have to be restrictive as many foods are available & accessible to most people. It may encourage you to broaden your food horizons & embrace a whole world of healthful nutrients along the way.

Nutrition Workshops

You may be interested in attending one of the Workshops aimed at giving Simple and Easy ways to support your health & nutrition status.

The focus could be on Detoxification, Hormonal Health, Support for Ageing or General Wellbeing.

There are recipe demonstrations & tastings, informative talks and instructed Self -Care exercises.

A full support pack is provided.

Please see the Nutrition & Therapy News page for more details on upcoming Workshops.

nutritional1How much does it cost?
Click here to go to the Fees page.

How do I book?
Please contact me for more information.

Further queries?
Please contact me if you have any further queries. I look forward to meeting with you and supporting your work towards better health.

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