I am sure you regularly service your car & check it’s running OK but what about you? Your body is a high performance ‘machine’.

Are you getting the right fuel for your needs?

Need to know if your fats & oils intake needs a change?

Getting enough water to keep your brain & moving parts lubricated?

Are you Under Pressure or do you have to carry a spare tyre?

The DIET MOT is a great, user friendly & handy service for anyone who wants a quick update on how they are doing with regard to their nutritional input & lifestyle choices against their health targets.

You will need to fill out a Health Questionnaire & an honest Food/Drinks Diary so that these can be assessed & a 10 Point Plan of Action put together for you to implement.

You will meet with Sue, in person or by Skype, to go through this & for your reviews (2 over a 2 month period) so that your progress can be shared.

Only £99.00 includes 10 Point Action Plan, initial meeting & 2 reviews.

This is a NEW service for 2018 so what are you waiting for? Get yourself back on the Formula 1 track & boost your performance.

Call Sue on 07766 592025 to get yourself booked in for your ‘Is it right for me’ chat.