Suffering with hay fever or pained with blocked up sinuses?

What do you normally do to get through it?

Here are my top tips in combating this health issue, which millions have to put up with every year!

Diet Stuff | Support your immune system with healthy fruits/dark berries & vegetables.
Reduce your refined sugar intake.
Keep well hydrated.
Take a little local raw honey everyday
Drink nettle tea
Eat apples, onions & garlic as they contain quercitin, a natural helper.

Lifestyle & Supplement Stuff | Apply some coconut oil to the inside of nostrils (or there is a product called HayMax).
Shower & wash hair before going to bed.
Keep windows closed, if possible
Ensure your car air filter is cleaned/replaced.
Wear sunglasses to prevent pollen getting in eyes.
Top up your vitamin D in the sunshine
Take some extra vitamin C, with bio-flavonoids added.


Therapies Stuff | Try homeopathic remedies such as Pollen or Allium, herbal remedies like Luffa Complex/Butterbur or how about Hopi Ear Candling? The aromatic herbs help to clear the problems & it is a superbly relaxing treatment.

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