Vegan, no refined sugars, grain/gluten free


200g Dates (pitted)

120g Walnuts

200g Raw Cashews (soaked overnight in fresh, filtered water, strained)

240g Natural Coconut Yoghurt (I used CoYo or can use Soya or cow’s milk if not vegan)

80g Coconut Oil (melted but not hot)

40g Maple/rice/date/coconut blossom syrup or runny honey (if not vegan)

½ tsp Vanilla Extract or seeds from a Vanilla Pod

To decorate: Fresh fruits, berries, roasted rhubarb or melted dark chocolate/grated

Line an 18cm loose bottomed cake tin.

Blitz dates with walnuts in a food processor, until the mixture is quite fine & starts to come together.

Pour this mix into the prepared tin & pat down evenly & firmly.


Blend the cashews with the syrup, vanilla & yoghurt until smooth.

Slowly add the coconut oil whilst the blender is still turning.

Pour over the base & refrigerate again, for at least 3 hours.

Decorate with fruit to serve.


Will keep in the fridge for 2 days (but why would you?)

Can also be made into individual desserts in decorative glasses or ramekins (just leave them in those to serve.

Alternatives include using a blend of hazelnuts with the walnuts in the base & some chopped hazelnuts to decorate?

Perhaps add half the grated zest & juice of a lemon to the filling & decorate the dessert with the remaining lemon zest?

You could even add ground ginger,cinnamon or cacoa to the base for a more decadent dessert?