We all know by now how important drinking enough water is to our health & wellbeing.

The benefits of drinking enough water are many and proven – it helps maintain clearer skin, enables optimum hydration, fights infection, helps you control calories…the list goes on!

Keep Hydrated – Keep Focussed – Keep Healthy

Our busy lives often make us feel we just don’t have time to be gulping water every few minutes! To help you, here are 5 quick and easy ways you can get more fluid into your body:

Eat | Yes, eat! It may not be necessary to drink lots of water if you are taking in plenty of fruit, vegetables, cooked rice/pulses, milk, juices etc. These all contain water too!

Avoid alcohol | Yes, I’m afraid so! Alcoholic drinks cause dehydration because alcohol is a diuretic, which makes you wee more often. Try to reduce or stop drinking alcoholic drinks, but if you do indulge, drink plenty of water to combat the effects!

Jazz it up | Have hot water with fresh lemon & fresh root ginger (just a slice), every morning before your breakfast. Sounds a faff? Well, start off by emptying an ice cube tray. Slice up your un-waxed lemon & half slices, clean the ginger root & slice up, then put into the tray with water to cover. Each day, pop a ‘cube’ into your mug/cup & pour boiling water over. Easy!!! You could even add a pinch/slice of cayenne (chilli) pepper to spice things up a bit!

Go herbal | Utilise herbal teas, such as peppermint, fennel, camomile, liquorice, red bush, lemon balm or any of the numerous fruit infusions on the market. Remember green, white or black (PG-style) tea has some caffeine in, unless it says otherwise! Opt for organic & loose leaf, if you can, as others may have residues of pesticides/herbicides, bleach (in the paper) or plastics (within the bag mesh, which is why they don’t compost!).

Limit caffeinated drinks | Drinks which contain caffeine are thought to dehydrate you, as with alcohol, due to their diuretic properties. remember it isn’t jst coffee & tea which contain caffeine – many canned soft drinks do to.

If in doubt, drink hot water or cold, if you prefer. If you experience any pain or discomfort during urination or have any unusual urge to urinate, split stream (guys!), blood or cloudiness – get checked out!