• Nutritional Therapy


    To support energy levels, weight, sleep, digestion, hormones, conception & overall health. To identify vitamin, mineral & systemic imbalances by the application of in-depth nutrition science & consultation
    Nutritional Therapy

  • Diet M.O.T.©


    A professional check of current diet & nutrient intake so you know where action might be beneficial. Great for those needing a ‘do now’ action plan, providing support to help achieve goals.
    Diet M.O.T.

  • Massage Therapy


    May relieve stress, anxiety, poor sleep, low back pain, constipation, IBS, fibromyalgia & benefit deep tissue, rehabilitation & sports recovery. Promotes a sense of wellbeing through relaxation
    Massage Therapy

  • Hopi Ear Candling & Reiki


    The hopi candle burning may help equalise pressure either side of the eardrum & warmth may soften earwax or promote natural secretions in the ear canal. It is thought channelling ‘Reiki’ energy, can promote calm
    Hopi Ear Candling & Reiki

  • News & Blog


    Find out more about Natural Therapies For You
    News & Blogs

To professionally deliver quality, complementary therapy options to individuals concerned with their health & wellbeing.
About Sue McFarlane (Owner & Therapist at Natural Therapies For You)

I have a degree in Biochemistry but have gained my therapy qualifications in Nutritional Medicine, Swedish, NO HANDS ®, Deep Tissue, Sports & Seated Massage Therapies since the year 2000. I am trained in craniosacral techniques, iridology, professional use of Hopi ear candles & channelling Usui Reiki to Master level.

Since 2002, I have been dedicated to helping others achieve improved health & vitality through improved nutrition, lifestyle changes and other complementary therapies. Continued research and training ensures that I keep up to date with developments in all my fields of complementary health and therapies.

Personal ill health initially put me in touch with helpful, natural healing and complementary therapies improving my health and vitality. I feel that going through this ongoing ‘process’ helps me to understand many of my clients’ concerns.

As a Registered Practitioner with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), I am challenged to maintain a very high standard of care for my clients. I am also a member of:

Complementary Therapists’ Association (CThA) & The NO HANDS Massage Association (NHMA)

At last, I know what I can eat. What a relief … and for everyone else too! TH