Vitamin D is known as the Sunshine vitamin but how much sunshine or natural daylight has your skin been exposed to this Summer?

If you have not ventured outdoors much, have covered up a lot or even slapped on the sunscreen as advised, then the likliehood is that you might actually have a shortfall in this amazing vitamin, taking you into the Winter.

Autumn & Winter tends to mean a lot of colds, infections & flu for many people but by boosting your immune system with Vitamin D (as well as a good balanced diet), then you could really make a big difference.

There are lots of health conditions where low Vitamin D levels have been found but it is not known which way round this works (low Vitamin D → chronic ill health or ill health → Vitamin D Low).

Low bone density is as much about Vitamin D as calcium so be aware. Blood pressure, cardiovascular & respiratory disorders may respond well to extra Vitamin D. Gut problems such as Crohn’s/IBS, MS, Chronic fatigue, skin problems & many more….

At risk groups | Vegans, the very young & more elderly, anyone on a low fat diet and/or have a low body fat level.

Why? | Vitamin D is fat soluble and relies on dietary fat to be absorbed and/or made by the body.

Good food sources of Vitamin D | grass fed/outdoor reared dairy products (milk/cream/cheese), oily fish esp wild salmon, sardines, mackeral, cod liver oil, free range egg yolks, shiitake mushrooms.

Where are you at? | Why take the chance, yet again, when you could be proactive & get tested for your Vitamin D status, then supplement if required? If you take a multivitamin & mineral supplement already, the value may be too low so a period on a higher/additional dose may be really beneficial. Your GP may do this for you but if not, private tests are available so please do get in touch.